Terms & Conditions

Online Payments

  1. Payments can be made with credit card or by bank transfer.
  2. For customer convenience & reduced transaction costs for our clients, we have local account details in New Zealand (NZD), Australia (AUD), USA (USD), Europe (Euro), Canada (CAD), UK (GBP), Hong Kong (HKD) & Singapore (SGD).
  3. Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee, which we pass on from our card processor. The fee is 3.4% of the total amount charged, plus NZ$0.30, when billing in NZD. Fees may be higher for non-NZD credit card payments or payments over NZ$25,000.

Booking Deposit

  1. Deposit amounts vary by tour, and will be outlined on customer quotations. For bookings with 7 or fewer rooms, subsequent balance payments are due 35 days before tour commencement, unless an alternate due date is provided in writing. For group bookings with 8 or more rooms, full payment is required 60 days prior to departure.
  2. If your booking occurs within 35 days of departure for bookings with 7 or fewer rooms, or within 60 days of departure for bookings with 8 or more rooms, full payment is required when booking.

Inclusions & Upgrades

  1. Core tour inclusions are listed on the quotation document provided.
  2. After booking, we may email you a list of possible options, upgrades and activity bookings. These costs will either be added to your balance amount, or payable to the provider directly on the day.
  3. Where accommodations are listed on a quote without a specific room type, the entry-level room type is included.
  4. Quoted room types may book out between the time when we quote and the time when you pay the deposit. When this occurs, you’ll be offered the option to upgrade based on actual cost difference, and/or offered an alternative accommodation. If you are not satisfied with the alternatives on offer, you may request refund of deposit paid.

If You Cancel

  1. If you cancel within 24 hours of making your initial booking, the initial deposit is refundable. Beyond this point, the deposit becomes non-refundable. Note this does not apply to tours booked within 35 days of departure for bookings with 7 or fewer rooms, or within 60 days of departure for bookings with 8 or more rooms.
  2. Cancellations occurring prior to the balance payment due date for your tour will result in forfeiture of the booking deposit only. If the balance (or any portion of it) has been paid already, it will be refunded.
  3. Cancellations occurring on or after the balance payment due date, but at least 7 days before departure, will be refunded 25% of the tour cost, except for bookings of 8 rooms or more, in which case no refund is available after the balance payment due date.
  4. Cancellations occurring fewer than 7 days before departure are non-refundable.
  5. If you need to cancel at any point from the start date of your tour onward, no refund is guaranteed. However, we will endeavor to pass on any refunds we receive from suppliers for unused services, less any administrative costs.
  6. For security reasons, any refunds will only be made to the card or bank account used for initial tour purchase.
  7. Any prepaid extras such as domestic flights which are booked on behalf of customers will be refunded according to the policy of the ticket, service or add-on purchased.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure refers to unforeseeable occurences for which no party can be held accountable. In particular relating to ‘acts of God’ – natural disasters being the main example. In such cases, the cancellation policy applied will be as per the If You Cancel terms as outlined above. Force Majeure events do have the potential to leave you out of pocket, so we encourage you to ensure you check with your travel insurance provider that you’ll be covered in such cases.

If We Cancel

  1. If we need to cancel your package for any reason other than force majeure (not that we’d ever want to!) we’ll refund all monies paid. However, we cannot be responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your booking such as visas, vaccinations, or non-refundable flights.

Exclusion of liability

  1. We accept no liability for any loss of enjoyment experienced by passengers due to circumstances beyond our control.
  2. For tours that involve self-driving, note that driving on holiday inherently involves some element of risk. Our packages and materials are designed to make your travel as safe and smooth as possible, but please note that customers are fully responsible for understanding the risks of self-drive travel. No liability is accepted for any loss, damage or injury, including any that could result from errors or deficiencies in the service and materials provided by Indulgence Tours. Customers are required to make their own good judgements to ensure a safe holiday.

Travel Insurance

  1. Travel insurance is required for all customers of Indulgence Tours. However, we do not sell travel insurance, nor do we bear responsibility for verifying that the insurance purchased by our customers is sufficient or suitable. Travel insurance is fully the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Unfortunately, we cannot take financial or other responsibility for changes, cancellations or other inconveniences that occur due to circumstances that are beyond our control.

New Zealand Tours

Accident Compensation Commission (ACC)

ACC may be able to help with the cost of the treatment and support if you are injured in New Zealand. However, it is important to note that ACC replaces your right to sue for personal injury. Note that in the event that support from ACC is available, ACC only covers treatment and rehabilitation costs whilst in New Zealand – meaning that you still need travel insurance. It does not cover illness, disrupted travel plans or emergency travel to get you back home.

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