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The Ultimate Foodie Adventure
Embark on a captivating culinary journey with our exclusive small group tour, designed for a maximum of 15 participants. Delve into the heart of New Zealand's vibrant food scene alongside our knowledgeable guide and avid food enthusiast, Matt. Discover the epitome of freshness and excellence as Matt unveils the finest locally sourced produce that showcases the extraordinary flavors of New Zealand.

Meet Your Guide

Meet us - Matt and Ben. Indulgence Tours is not a big operation - as a matter of fact, it's just the two of us - and one of us will be the guide for your trip. We’re both extremely passionate about New Zealand and delighted to share the experience of our beautiful country with visitors from around the world.

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Matt Harris

I am a passionate foodie who was born and raised in the rugged south of New Zealand. Growing up, I had the privilege of experiencing some of the country's finest nature right in my backyard, and it was here that I developed a love for fresh, locally sourced food. Whether it's casting a line and catching some fresh seafood or exploring local markets and trying new cuisines, I'm always on the hunt for my next culinary adventure.

My love for food has taken me on extensive travels around the world, where I've sampled countless dishes and discovered new ingredients. However, no place holds a candle to the natural beauty and culinary delights of little old New Zealand. As a proud Kiwi, I consider it a privilege to share the food culture of my home country with visitors from all over the globe. So, if you're looking to explore the flavors of New Zealand, let's connect and plan a foodie adventure together!

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Ben Neynens

After over a decade of delivering premium travel experiences for guests from around the world, I believe that helping my clients make the most of their trips is all about impeccable organisation, rejuvenating experiences in nature and ensuring there's a lot of fun to be had for all members of any group.

New Zealand is such a magnificent destination with such an abundance of beauty, and I take a great deal of pride in guiding people on well-balanced itineraries that enable guests to take in the best balance of what New Zealand has to offer, according to their interests and the amount of time they're able to spend in our magnificent land.


We have really enjoyed this holiday as all the hard work was done for us.
— Farida Littlemore, Singapore
We had so much fun and everyone was happy with the itinerary and activities.
— Sara Ring, USA
Well researched and very well of our most treasured holidays.
— Leonie Newton, Samoa

About Indulgence Tours

Indulgence Tours is a small partnership founded by two Kiwis with a passion for showing off our beautiful country - New Zealand.

First founded in 2011, we've developed a deep knowledge of the best of what New Zealand has to offer. We pride ourselves in combining that with impeccable organisation and a focus on smooth delivery. Guests on our privately guided tours can relax with the reassurance of knowing they will be professionally taken care of throughout their time in New Zealand.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll personally craft an itinerary carefully tailored just for you. Prompt, helpful service and unique personal touches are our specialty, and we look forward to sharing what we have to offer with you.

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Remember - personalised itineraries are our speciality. For an itinerary uniquely tailored to you, start out by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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