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Despite a brutal recent history, Cambodia is emerging a youthful and vibrant country. It is vigorous, fresh and edgy - in some ways the wild west of Asia - where a meloncholic past is defied by an optimistic drive for the future. The kingdom is famed for its incredibly rich history, having been home to one of the most fascinating civilisations in Asia. Angkor Wat is truly remarkable - a breathtakingly expansive feat of remarkable intricacy. In its enormity, its geometric perfection, its art, and its many unanswered questions, Angkor Wat holds a deeply intriguing story which our expert guides will help you unravel. Beyond Angkor Wat, Cambodia offers a vast collection of additional, truly remarkable historic sites, which must be seen to be believed. And yet, Cambodia offers far more than its ancient temples. On the banks of the Mekong, the capital Phnom Penh is thriving yet accessible. Further south, Cambodia's coastline is among the finest in Southeast Asia, offered with a much more laid back atmosphere than you'll find in neighboring Thailand.

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